Today I am feeling grateful for technology. I woke up and started reading on my kindle while Brooks watched Wallace & Gromit on Netflix next to me in bed. Throughout the day, I was making mental notes about the technology I was using. My favorite part was grilling steaks while listening to an old Sonic Youth album on wireless headphones. It’s amazing, at just the click of a button on my phone, I was able listen to an album from over 20 years ago while cooking outside. It’s a double edged sword though. As a huge music fan, there’s no more anticipation, no more build up of excitement to experience the album in its entirety. 20 years ago, I often had to wait several weeks to have a record shipped from overseas (I grew up in Sweden and most music I was interested in had to be ordered from the U.S.). I miss the wait, I miss ripping off the protective plastic, the sweet smell of vinyl, looking over the album design & cover art and most of all, reading the linear notes. And then carefully placing the needle on the first track and sitting back to just take it all in. So I guess I am also thankful to have lived at a time where buying a record was a very memorable experience.