Love - TMAX 400 + Leica M-A & Fuji GF670

So I'm falling in love with this film. Especially in 35mm for some reason. Perfect grain and just the right amount of contrast. And apparently flexible because the exposures were pretty perfect and I never metered on this roll. All shot with Leica M-A & Fuji GF670 - a perfect combo for snapping away at home.

Fuji GF670 - Impressions

I had sold off all my medium format gear with the exception of the Hasselblad when I learned that Fuji had found a batch of their discontinued GF670 and B&H were selling them brand new. A few years back, I borrowed one for a few weeks and was blown away by the quality of the lens. It's also an extremely practical camera; easy to load, slim & lightweight and dead silent. In fact, it's so quiet in operation that you sometimes don't know if you pulled the trigger or not :)

I was hesitant to acquire a used one as I am not a fan of electronics in old film cameras but pulled the trigger since it's new and under warranty. After reviewing the scans from my first test roll, I have a feeling I won't regret this purchase.