Rebecca Lily's new Pro Set

I am a preset guy. With two kids and two jobs, I am a big fan of anything that can speed up my workflow. I own the VSCO suite, Replichrome 1 & 2, AlienSkin’s Exposure and Red Leaf’s film emulsions. Being a heavy preset user, I welcomed the opportunity to test drive Rebecca Lily's New Pro Set. I am a big fan of her work and absolutely love her “look”…in particular her colors. It’s easy to spot her signature colors in her new Pro Set. 

I randomly chose a wedding from my archives and had a lot of fun playing with different color schemes. I quickly realized this might take a while because so many of her presets worked so well. So instead of identifying one preset for the batch which I normally would do, I used quite a few of them to show their versatility. Please note that I am not very heavy handed when it comes to editing…I try to get as much right in camera as possible and make minor adjustments. 

I've included a couple of samples below...straight out of camera jpeg first followed by the edited images. 

Epiphany II

Amethyst II

Innocence II

La Femme II + Aqua Tint

Innocence II

Rio II

Avalon I

La Femme II

Limoncello II

Limoncello II

I also explored Rebecca's B&W options and found them very useful...contrasty and clean. I snapped the shot below of my girl and applied the Audrey II preset. 

One aspect I found particularly useful was the structure of the presets in Lightroom. Rebecca organized them by color: B&W, Deep Color, Mid Color and Pastel. So instead of clicking through all of them, searching for a good fit, I found it very convenient to select presets based on what I had in mind color-wise.

I am quite happy with Rebecca's new Pro Set and I have a feeling they will get a lot of use going forward. I shoot a lot of stock images which tend to look more favorable with "lighter" edits which is one of many benefits of this set.