Leica Love

About a month ago, I purchased a Leica MP from my friend Johnny Patience.  It's not my first Leica - I used to own an M3 but sold it after just a few months. While I appreciated its impeccable build quality and outstanding viewfinder, I found the minimum focusing distance (1 meter) and its lack of meter a bit too cumbersome for my style of shooting. The MP allows you to focus closer and has a great built in meter.  Since I am a 50mm guy, I coupled the MP with the 50mm Summilux, a lens I've been dying to shoot for a long time. The Summilux has a stellar reputation and I can see why after reviewing the first couple of rolls. Johnny was kind enough to send the MP loaded with a fresh roll of Portra 400. The b&w images below are Acros 100 and most were handheld at either 1/15 or 1/30 and shot wide open. While I have a bit of a learning curve with this kit, I have to say I was quite surprised that I could achieve solid sharpness at such low shutter speeds.