Alex & Meghan

We recently elected a president whose stance on gay marriage and minority rights in general is questionable at best. His platform seem solely based on inciting fear and intolerance of anything that's no similar to him and his supporters. It was a sad moment to realize our country's choice and I can't imagine the anxiety my gay/minority/immigrant/refugee friends are experiencing now. Looking back at this wedding fuels my passion to be the change I want to see now more than ever. Let's not get sucked into the hatred and instead battle back with love, forgiveness and kindness. Let's spend time with those who have fears and hate in their heart, let's help each other heal and remind each other that we all want the same thing, regardless of our differences. Obviously, the “other side” have a different worldview that causes them to vote a different way than you & I, to want different policies… but underneath, we all have the same tender hearts. And by finding this common ground, we can reconnect to each other in a compassionate way.